About me

Born in December of 1993, I am the eighth wonder of my world. The programming god, fluent in every language imaginable. Except most of them. Not Assembly, C, CSS, C#, C++, HTML, Haskell, Java, JavaScript, PHP, SASS, SQL, TypeScript, Visual Basic, Swedish and English though. I know most of those pretty damn well. I provide guidance and lessons for those in need, so don't hesitate to contact me for a private session through Discordvildaberper#5748. I ask for nothing in return.

Rocket League takes up most of my attention outside programming. Don't look at how many hoursI'm not sadman I have in that game. I swear I have a life.

Online presence


Tinfoil Browser2021

Work in Progress. A simple browser for the Tinfoil repo. "Why would you make that? You don't even have a Switch!", you might ask yourself. Because I felt like it. Frontend stuff is cool too.

Pillow Fight!2017

Another project developed as a university assignment. Backed by the powerful Unreal Engine, this game is more ambitious and visually pleasing. The gameplay is heavily inspired by SSB but simplified to reach a wider audience. This time I shared the programmer role with another talented student, dividing the workload. He implemented UI and left most of the game logic for me.

No Man Left Behind2016

A small project developed as a university assignment over the course of a couple of weeks where I effectively contributed as the only programmer. The game relies on a custom over-engineered engine built upon SFML exclusively made for top-down 2D games, designed and implemented by yours truly. GitHub repo can be found here.